The Transju'Trails 2024 82 km Trail

The 82 km Trail

3600 m D+ climb
Departure time
Place of departure

Les Rousses

Place of arrival

Les Rousses

until 04/28/2024 76€
until May 19, 2024 90€
from 20/05/2024 to 01/06/2024, or on Saturdays at the trail show 100€
5 km package (Saturday) + 1 race on Sunday -10% off total
Group rate between 10 and 14 participants -10% per subscriber
Group rate 15 participants and more -15% off per subscriber
To benefit from the group rate please send an e-mail to


Discover the new Franco-Swiss route of 82 km and 3600m D+, which will take you through many emblematic Transjurassienne villages such as Bois d'Amont, Bellefontaine, Chapelle des Bois and Prémanon.

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience with highlights such as the sunrise over Le Noirmont and Le Creux du Croue, as well as several panoramic views over Lac des Rousses, Lac Léman, Lac des Mortes and Bellefontaine.

You'll finish the tour in style with the ascent of La Dôle and its unique view of Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva. This loop combines picturesque places and landscapes with technical sections and magnificent forest singles.

Only 200 bibs available for this 82 km format! 

This trail, with its strict time limits, is reserved for experienced trail runners.

Practical information
  • Distance: 82 km
  • Departure: Les Rousses at 05:30
  • Arrival : Les Rousses
  • Difference in altitude: 3600 m D+.

This trail, with its strict time limits, is reserved for experienced trail runners.

Withdraw my number

Numbers can be collected at the trail show, Place Jean Jaurès, MOREZ, on Saturday June 1 from 1pm to 7pm.

You can also pick up your race numbers on Sunday June 2 at the start of your race .

We advise you to come well in advance for the collection of the numbers in order to be sure to take the start.

You must bring the following documents with you:

  • Your official, valid identification document
  • Proof of registration
  • Your license or medical certificate if not validated beforehand

The number will be accompanied by a timing chip. Participants must take care not to damage it. To do so, the number must be fixed without being folded on the chest or the belly and remain visible throughout the race. In case of damage to the number or the chip, preventing its detection, the participant will not be able to make a claim. The organizer will not be held responsible.

The services offered


  • A runner's gift: Transju'Trails technical t-shirt for the first 2,200 runners, then others
  • A massage/osteo service on arrival, by the Isostéo school
  • Showers and changing rooms
  • The checkroom bag and its transport from the starting stadium to the finish
  • Bib number (personal, guaranteed for all registrations made before April 10, 2024)
  • The timing chip and the timed classification
  • Medical assistance and safety
  • Refreshments along the route and at the finish line
  • Access to a bag-free room


  • Shuttle service
  • Cancellation insurance
  • Bodily injury insurance
  • Products from our online store
Background and profile

You can download the GPX track directly from our Newsletter - Infos Pratiques.

 On the day, always refer to the course markings if they differ from your GPX.

Please respect passageways on private property.

Time barriers

This trail, with its strict time limits, is reserved for experienced trail runners.

This year, we're introducing a switchover system: depending on when you arrive at the foot of La Dôle, you'll be redirected to switch directly to the return leg.
You will then cross the finish line with a time penalty, allowing you to be classified and not out of the race.

  • km 42 Morez - 12.30 pm recommended
  • km 58.5 Prémanon - 3:30 pm
  • km 67 Les Dappes - 5:00 pm then switch and return via Balancier directly (3h time penalty)
  • km 75 Le Balancier - 7 p.m.
  • Les Rousses (departure)
  • Bois d'Amont (km 15): full refreshments
  • Chapelle-des-Bois, under the leaflet (km 29.5): full provisioning
  • Morez (km 42): full refreshments
  • Prémanon (km 58.5): full refreshments
  • Les Dappes (km 67): full refreshments
  • Le Balancier (km 75): full refuelling
  • Les Rousses (finish): full refreshments and finisher's beer (excluding minors)
Recommended and mandatory equipment


  • Water reserve containing a minimum of 500 ml,
  • 1 survival blanket,
  • 1 warm, waterproof garment to protect you from the cold and rain,
  • 1 charged cell phone,
  • 1 individual cup.


  • 1 Whistle,
  • 1 headlamp,
  • 1 quick-dressing and foot-care kit.


  • Sticks.


  • 2-wheeled or motorized machines.
    This equipment is forbidden for all races.
The Transju' Challenge

The aim of the Challenge Transju' is to reward the best male and female participant in the 3 major races of our events: La Transju', La Transju'Trails and La Transju'Cyclo.

  • All those who have taken part in the 3 events of the current year (this year Trail and Cyclo) will benefit from a 10% discount on the Transju'Cyclo, regardless of the race distance chosen.
  • The fastest participant in the 3 major Transju' events will win the winners' bell (this year 82km Trail and 160km Cycling).
The Transju'Trails

Ludovic BOURGEOIS wins the 82km trail race

The 2800 competitors in the Transju'Trails started their race under misty, cool skies. From 5.30am to 11am, the starters took to the course between Les Rousses and Morez. The big winner of this 2024 edition was undoubtedly the 82 km runner, Ludovic Bourgeois.

The Transju'Trails

Top start Transju'Trails 2024

The 17th edition of La Transju'Trails was officially launched today in Morez (Jura) with the opening of the Trail Show, followed by the first events: the 5km and the Transju'Trails des Marmots.

Arrival of the Transju'Trails
The Transju'Trails

Podcast Transju'Trails x Agile Training

We are delighted to announce the release of 2 episodes of the Transju'Trails podcast, in collaboration with Nicolas VANDEL, Agile training.