Transju' launches its Team! 


The team is made up of athletes specializing in the disciplines represented by the Transju': cross-country skiing, running and cycling. The athletes' common goal is to push back their limits and achieve excellence in their discipline, and to represent the Transju' events through their performance and renown.

Although each member specializes in his or her own sport, all team members are
perform in a variety of fields. This versatility is the hallmark of this cross-disciplinary team. For its first year, the team has been built around benchmark athletes in the various sports, to benefit from their experience and support the younger athletes.

Our medium-term goal is to build a competitive team by training young hopefuls for the international By UTMB circuits, with a view to being among the top 15 at the world finals in Chamonix by 2030. To achieve these goals, the team will put in place solid technical support and structured training programs, including courses and trips to qualifying races.

A word from Trans Organisation Chairman Pierre-Albert VANDEL

Trans'Organisation wanted to develop its brand among outdoor
a team of competitive sportsmen and women who match both the values of the
Transju' values and its development strategy.

The values we know and a strategy based on the diversification of disciplines
disciplines to meet the challenge of the four-season transition.

For the creation of this team, the Transju' teamed up with Intersport. For the first year of activity of this team, which officially takes place on the occasion of the Transju'Trails, the aim is to establish itself firmly in the landscape of outdoor sports events.

Given the quality of its workforce, it's not incongruous to expect top-class performances from the team right now. Year two will see the consolidation of this team, with objectives to be fine-tuned according to discipline.

A word from Ludovic BOURGEOIS, sports manager

As manager of this team, my main objective is to share my sporting and professional
mysporting and professional experience to help the team's athletes
athletes in achieving their ambitions.
With 15 years' experience in sports project management, a wealth of experience and a
in trail running.

In a spirit of determination and competitiveness, our team's youth and versatility
of our team is a strength, and we are determined to achieve ambitious
without setting ourselves limits.

A word from Intersport manager Nicolas JEAN-PROST

INTERSPORT Les Rousses has been a partner of the Transjurassienne for 40 years. For the JEAN-PROST family, immersed in the sport for three generations, it's only natural to continue our history alongside Trans'Organisation.
We're totally in tune with them!
Initially focused on skiing, we have now developed a range of hiking, trail and cycling activities. We want to breathe new life into activities that have become essential in our region. So what could be more natural than to create an Intersport Transju' Team!

As well as being a great human adventure, it's also a fantastic way of promoting sports in the Jura Mountains, through athletes capable of performing in each of the disciplines offered by Transju' events.

Introducing the Transju' Intersport Team

The team consists of :
- a technical manager: Romain Jacquet
- administrative manager: Mélanie Ratel
- sports and athlete manager: Ludovic Bourgeois

And the athletes:

Our mission is to support athletes in their quest for excellence.

You have the opportunity to become directly involved in the development and success of our TEAM athletes. By becoming a sponsor or patron, you play a crucial role in helping our athletes achieve their goals.

If you are interested in this rewarding adventure and would like to contribute to their success, please contact us at