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Races and courses

The Transjurassienne takes place every year on the 2nd weekend of February. The races are registered on the regional (Comité Régional de Ski du Massif Jurassien, Ski Tour Montagnes du Jura), national (FFS and Marathon Ski Tour) and international (FIS, Worldloppet and Visma Ski Classic Challenger) calendars.

The Transjurassienne includes 7 events of different distances and techniques spread over two days of competition, depending on the race technique.

Transju 2023 race

The preferred route is the nominal and historical route linking 9 villages of the Haut-Jura and Haut-Doubs between Lamoura and the Val de Mouthe.

In case of insufficient snow, the organization reserves the right to modify the course to propose an alternative course.
Several alternative routes have been registered with the State, in an order determined by the average altitude and therefore the presence of natural snow, as well as by the respect of the "Transju spirit", i.e. a linear route as much as possible, a link between the Doubs and the Jura as long as it is possible and the respect of the environment.

Only those courses that have been authorized by the state services can be considered for the event.

However, if none of these courses could be carried out in the necessary environmental and safety conditions, the decision will be taken to cancel the competition on the previous Monday, according to the latest weather forecasts, at a meeting with all the state services concerned.

Rates 2023
La Transju Award

Group and club rates: From 10 registrations, the 11th is free.

The medical certificate is not mandatory
A major fact of this 2023 edition is that the medical certificate is no longer mandatory to register.
However, you will have to answer negatively to the 9 questions of the health questionnaire accessible on the registration link and then fill in a certificate on your honor .
If at least one of your answers to the questionnaire is positive, it will be necessary to present a medical certificate dating less than 6 months.
Race rules

Regulations of the event can be consulted and downloaded by clicking here

Assignment in lines or starting boxes by events

The allocation of lines is decided by the Chief of Competition according to the criteria defined in the rules.

Any request for a change of line "elite" will be treated only by the Chief of Competition who will decide on their admissibility. They must be sent by e-mail to before midnight on January 30th. It must be duly motivated and justified by the presentation of official documents corresponding to the criteria of the line choice. Without justification the request will be automatically rejected.

The allocation of your starting line (from line 1 to line 3) depends on the order of arrival of your registration (approximately 600 places limited per line)

Line allocation

Prepare my weekend

How to get to Transju?

Getting to Transju on race weekend:

Warning: Lots of traffic on Transju weekend. We invite you to use the shuttle service.

In order to improve the flow of traffic and to meet your needs, La Transju offers a shuttle service with park-and-ride facilities so that you can get to and/or from your Transju ride with peace of mind.

We propose relay parking lots (Morbier, Morez, Les Rousses) in order to allow a greater number of participants to take advantage of these shuttles, to have more frequent rotations and to relieve the congestion of the departure and arrival sites.

Find the schedule for Saturday before the race HERE.

Find the schedule for the Sunday before the race HERE.

It is necessary to reserve your place before the race as it will be impossible to reserve it the same day. It is possible to reserve this paying option (5€ per shuttle) until Monday February 6th.
You will find below the procedure to reserve your shuttle if it is not already the case:
  • Go to the registration platform by clicking here 
  • Log in to your personal space
  • Click on " modify your registration ".
  • Check "yes" on the shuttle option
  • You will then be redirected to the payment page to pay the balance.
Lodging for La Transju

Near the start and finish


  • Les Rousses Reservation (Les Rousses, Lamoura, Prémanon, Bois d'Amont)
  • Haut Jura - Morez (Morez, Morbier, Bellefontaine)


  • Premonval Center
  • Gîtes de France du Jura


  • Montagnes du Jura
  • CDT du Jura
Collect my number - Time chip - Cloakroom bag

Pick up your race number envelope

  • At the Salon du Nordique in Les Rousses on Friday February 10th from 9am to 7pm and Saturday February 11th from 9am to 7pm.
  • If this is not possible, you can collect it on the morning of the race, directly at the starting point of your race.

Please note! Bring your withdrawal coupon (sent by mail a few days before).

Chrono chip

You will find a timing chip in your race number envelope. Please put the chip on the bracelet and attach it to your ankle.
This chip must be returned at the finish. Any chip not returned will be charged 40€.
In case of abandonment or out of time, please bring it back at the finish line or give it to a member of the organization.

Checkroom bag

Your checkroom bag and the sticker with your race number are in your race number envelope.
Be careful! Make sure you stick your number on your bag and take it with you.
The bags must be closed and placed in the trucks parked near the start.
They will be available at the finish site, by showing your number.

The awards ceremony


1:30 pm

  • Transju'Classic 50 km prize-giving ceremony
  • Intermediate sprint (monetary): 1st lady and 1st man in Bois d'Amont
  • First 6 men and first 6 women Scratch

3:00 pm

  • Transju' Classic 25 km prize-giving (first 3 men and first 3 women Scratch)


1:30 pm

  • Prize-giving ceremony of La Transjurasienne 70 km: 6 first women scratch and 6 first men scratch
  • Visma Ski Classics Challenger leader bibs delivery
  • 3 intermediate sprints (monetary) : 1st lady and 1st man scratch : in Chapelle des Bois, in Les Rousses and in Bois d'Amont

3:00 pm

  • UltraTrans: 3 first women and 3 first men scratch
  • La Transju' Marathon Skating 50 km : 3 first women and 3 first men scratch
  • La Transju' Skating 25 km : 3 first women and 3 first men scratch
The post-race catering
  • Runner price = 15€ to be paid at registration or on site according to availability
  • Accompanying person rate = 20€.
  • Meals are served at the Mouthe multi-purpose hall between 12:00 and 18:00 in a self-service format in a covered and heated area!
Where to see the runners?

To make the most of the passage of the skiers on Sunday for the mythical Transju', here are some recommended viewpoints.

Warning: The Risoux forest is a protected area forbidden to spectators!

Will you be skiing? That's the easiest way. Several departure points are available to you.

  • At Bois d'Amont, get a head start and go up the Risoux. The race will start there.
  • In Bellefontaine, the trails will take you to the Risoux, the white paradise of the cross-country skiers and the capercaillie.
  • In Chapelle-des-Bois, the mecca of Nordic skiing, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to putting on your skis and heading towards either the piste des mortes or the refreshment area.
  • If you are more of an open space person, go to the postcard scenery of the Combe des Cives where you may come across dog sleds.

Will you be driving?

This is complicated. Or rather, it is anticipated. Because Bison Futé could see black between Bellefontaine and Chaux-Neuve during a large part of the race. Places will be expensive to park in Bellefontaine and its refreshment area. Same thing in Chapelle des Bois. Gendarmes will also be watching over the roadsides.

  • Lamoura: the departure will be given at 8:30 am from La Combe du Lac, traditional departure of La Transju'. Atmosphere guaranteed!
  • Les Jacobeys: easy access for spectators to encourage skiers to cross the road.
  • Les Rousses: the crossing of the village and the mythical climb of the Optician are a must. The first sprint will guarantee an even more breathtaking spectacle.
  • Bois d'Amont : a festive atmosphere in the heart of the village
  • Bellefontaine: first refreshment station after the Risoux pass
  • Chapelle des Bois : sprint with the famous crossing of the village at the sound of the bells
  • Combe des Cives: spectators will be able to position themselves along this large valley to cheer on the cross-country skiers as they climb the Célestine before they arrive at Pré-Poncet.
  • Pré Poncet: the parking lot for the trails is limited. You will have to come early. The runners will pass on the footbridge and will take the opportunity to refuel.
  • Chaux-Neuve: parking will be easier. The Cote Feuillée ski jump is used to welcoming thousands of fans during the Nordic Combined World Cup.

Parking lots will be organized. The cross-country skiers will come down from the forest and will pass through the stadium, so you will have time to see them.

  • Petite Chaux : last village crossed before the arrival to Mouthe.
  • Mouthe: big atmosphere to meet the heroes of the day!

Please note: if course n°1 is chosen, all the races of the weekend will cross Chapelle des Bois, Chaux Neuve and Pré-Poncet.

Health and safety

How is security organized at the event?

In order to guarantee the smooth running of the race, the organization is setting up a health and safety system for the entire course. All the mobile intervention means and the rescue stations are supervised at the Command Post (CP) thanks to the management solution Complemented by a radio network, the infrastructure deployed allows to know what is happening on the ground, in real time. This allows a quicker response and a better information of your friends and families who would come to ask for news to the organization.

The medical care is provided by the medical assistance company Dokever and by an Association Agréée de Sécurité Civile.

But safety is everyone's business: everyone must do everything possible, through their actions and attitude, to avoid endangering their health during the race. For more information on the good gestures to have, you can consult:

You are skiing in a sensitive area

La Transju' is organized with respect for the protection of the environment. The course crosses emblematic environmental areas of the Jura Mountains, where you can see the specific fauna and flora of our high altitude forests. They are part of our beautiful summer and winter landscapes, making the beauty of our ski race and our region. Please stay on the trail, respect the markings and the quiet zones during the race in order to preserve this exceptional playground. Any attitude contrary to this principle will lead to sanctions against the runner: throwing of garbage outside the refreshment areas, traffic outside the track, voluntary degradation of the flora...

Consult the environmental challenges of La Transju by clicking here.