How to dress for cross-country skiing


Choose the right outfit for La Transju by Dæhlie!


Tip number one:

The first piece of advice we can give you seems obvious, but you have to think about adapting your outfit according to the weather and the intensity of your effort. You must avoid at all costs to find yourself cold, or with 2 jackets hung around your waist and gloves in your pockets!

Daehlie Jacket

Tip number two:

Our second piece of advice is for the more adventurous, those who have committed to the long distances, 50 and 70km. You will have to be able to manage your stops so as not to catch cold before setting off again.


We advise you to choose a first layer containing merino wool to stay warm and dry during the effort and when you take a break to refuel. Indeed, the wool keeps warm even if it is a little wet, and this, for a long time.


If you tend to sweat a lot, you can take a spare thermal top, you'll be very happy to put it on halfway through the race if you've cooled off a bit!

If it's really cold, you can take an extra microfleece to cover up more during your breaks.

Dæhlie jacket the partner of the cross-country ski race La Transjurassienne

Tip number 3: Which outfit for which athlete?

The holding of the winners

For those who are here to win (or who aim at the leading pack?), lightness is the key! We recommend a race suit, with a light and highly ventilated first layer, a headband or a mesh cap to absorb sweat and light leather gloves.

Ideal outfit:


Challengers' outfit

For performers, you should choose a light, technical outfit that provides protection and optimal ventilation. We will opt for a jacket with a membrane on the front and lighter under the arms as well as in the back, tights or fitted pants for more ergonomics, a first layer in synthetic or merino blend. For accessories, synthetic headband/cap and gloves not too thick.


Ideal outfit:

Challenge Jacket

The Ski-Plaisir outfit

For those who have not set themselves a goal other than to have fun on skis, we advise you to cover up more and opt for a jacket with better protection, a warmer thermal and thicker pants. Take gloves with which you are sure not to be cold, and a cap made of merino wool, for its comfort, softness and insulation.

Ideal outfit:

Kikut outfit

Finally, don't forget to take something to hydrate and fill up your energy, it would be silly to have a hypo in the middle of the spruce trees on the D-Day 😊 😊

La Transju x Dare 2b T-Shirt official partner of the trail
La Transju Trail

Revelation of the runner's gift for the Transju' Trails 2023

Dare 2b will provide the runner's gift for La Transju Trails 2023, offering all participants a high quality technical t-shirt and above all a lasting souvenir of their participation.

Mock-UP Poster Transju Trails 2023
La Transju Trail

D-90 before the Transju Trails ⏰

After La Transju' this winter, come and discover the most beautiful trail of the Jura Mountains : The Transju' Trails, on June 3rd and 4th 2023 !

Training program Transju Trail 10 kms
La Transju Trail

Training Program - Transju Trail 10 km

A preparation program for the Transju Trail 10 km, realized by Nicolas Vandel, ex physical trainer of the French Ski Teams, will be offered to all the people registered on this format.