The Transju Trails foot race in the Jura mountains in June

The 5 km Trail

150 m of D+.
Departure time
Place of departure

Les Rousses

Place of arrival

Les Rousses

Hang on, this is going to go really fast 🚀

Emblematic race of the Jura Mountains, the Transju'Trails returns this year for a 16th edition by proposing a course of 5 km in Les Rousses.

This short and explosive format is dedicated to those who want to learn about trail running or to those who want to play the time.

Transju' Trail 5 km profile

Practical information
  • Distance : 5 km
  • Departure : Les Rousses at 11h30
  • Arrival : Les Rousses
  • Difference in altitude : 150 m of D+.
The services offered
  • Bib number (personal, guaranteed for all registrations made before April 10, 2024)
  • The timing chip and the timed classification
  • The dematerialized Road Book
  • Medical assistance and security
  • Refreshments at the finish
  • Post race services
  • A souvenir gift
Profile and course
Course and Profile of the Transju Trail 5 km
Course and profile The Transju' Trail 5 km

Les Rousses (start and finish) : Full supply

Recommended and mandatory equipment


  • Water reserve containing at least 500 ml
  • 1 individual cup


  • 1 Whistle
  • 1 kit for quick dressing and foot care
  • 1 survival blanket
  • 1 warm and waterproof garment to protect against the cold and rain
  • 1 cell phone


  • Sticks


  • 2-wheeled or motorized equipment: This equipment is prohibited for all races.

Depending on the conditions, the Jury may add additional equipment, require the wearing of all or part of the equipment and forbid access to the event to participants who do not comply. In case of non-use of mandatory and recommended equipment, the organizer cannot be held responsible for any incidents and their consequences.

Race rules

News to come...

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