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Ludovic BOURGEOIS wins the 82km trail race

Ludovic BOURGEOIS wins the 82km trail race


The 2800 competitors in the Transju'Trails started their race under misty, cool skies. From 5.30am to 11am, the starters took to the course between Les Rousses and Morez. The big winner of this 2024 edition was undoubtedly the 82 km runner, Ludovic Bourgeois.


The 82 km

5:30 am, the start is given in Les Rousses, just as the day is breaking and under a
cool drizzle. The two favourites, Ludovic Bourgeois, manager of Team Transju-Intersport, and Dimitri Morel-Jean of Lons Athlé 39, quickly set the tone: this was going to be a fast race.
After 43 km and 3h42' of running, at the Morez checkpoint, the two trailers were only 27
seconds apart. Unfortunately, Dimitri was forced to abandon the race due to a health problem.
Ludovic Bourgeois took off... and was the winner after 8h28'37''. Benjamin Lamotte came 2nd in 8h59'00 and Samy Revillet 3rd, with a time of 9h07'19''.

The 62 km

The pace was set from the very first kilometers, but between the 15th and 42nd km, Jean-François Pugin, after a quiet start, took 5 places leading the race by 1'09'' ahead of Pablo Florent and Ludovic Bailly Basin. In Prémanon, at 58.5 km, Jean-François, still 1st, beat 2nd-placed Baptiste Coatantiec by 17'13'', and remained in the lead until the finish. His race time was 5h 51' 49''. The podium was completed by Baptiste Coatantiec and Pablo Florent.
"It was cool. Good temperature, exceptional terrain, good grip, it was super fun, it was really good. I really enjoyed it. The start this morning in these conditions wasn't too difficult, I took it easy and then the first part was pretty rolling, I found it pretty soft right to the end. On the other hand, it was slippery and I fell a few times", explains Jean-François Pugin.

Great entry for Team Transju - Intersport

For its first race, the Transju - Intersport Team made an excellent entry into trail running, with top placings for Ludovic Bourgeois - winner of the 82 km in 8h28'37'', Cloé Pagnier - 1st woman in the 15 km in 1h17'58'', Ludovic Bailly Basin - 4th in the 62 km and Doryan Boillon - 3rd in the 10 km.
Despite complicated weather conditions, slips and slides, and muddy, soaked feet, the smiles and warm atmosphere of Transju' events were there for a successful edition!


Photo Credit: Benjamin Becker