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Over 200 children to open the festivities for La Transju'Trails 2023

Trail in the Jura Mountains

Over 200 children to open the festivities for La Transju'Trails 2023


This afternoon on the Place de la Mairie in Morez, Jura, over 220 children took part in the first race of the 2023 edition of La Transju'Trails: La Transju'Trail des Marmots. A record number of participants since the inception of the race! Tomorrow, Sunday June 4, some 2,000 competitors will set off on the 5 courses ranging from 5 to 42 km.

Results Transju' Trail des Marmots

Transju'Trail des Marmots kicks off Transju'Trails


This year, children aged 7 to 13 met up in Morez to take part in one of 3 courses, ranging from 1 to 3 km in length, depending on age category. The course included flights of steps, obstacles of all kinds and a run along the small paths in the hills above Morez. It was under a hazy sun that the 220 children took the start of the races by category, the youngest first. Encouraged by their parents and the competitors who had come to pick up their numbers for tomorrow, the youngsters got into the spirit of the competition, and even if some found the course difficult, the smiles were all over the kids' faces.

A reminder that the entire registration fee goes to the association Les Petites Z'étincelles, a partner of the Transju'trails. This association fights against childhood cancer.

And this evening at 6pm, a conference on the theme of "Bases de l'entrainement d'endurance - sport - santé et prévention des blessures" (Basics of endurance training - sport - health and injury prevention) is organized at the Mairie de Morez with Alexis Grappin (Kiné de l'équipe de France de combiné nordique) and Nicolas Vandel (Agile Training).

5 routes and a climb up La Dôle


Tomorrow, Sunday June 4, almost 2000 competitors are expected to take part in the Transju'Trails. The first start is the 42 km tomorrow morning at 8.30 am in Morez, followed by the 15 km hike at 9.30 am in Les Balanciers, then at 10.15 am the 25 km in Prémanon, at 11.15 am the 10 km in Les Rousses, and finally the 5 km at 11.30 am also in Les Rousses.

Competitors will appreciate the change of pace, diversity and beauty of the landscapes they cross, and for the 42 km, 25 km and the hike, they'll have the pleasure of climbing to the top of the 1677 m-high Dôle massif, where they'll be greeted by the sounds of Jean-Pierre Falcy's bagpipes. In Les Rousses, the group Too Cold To Snow will entertain the finishers from 12 noon.

The Transju'Trails has begun in a friendly and sporting spirit, and will continue tomorrow with competitors who know how to take advantage of these new routes in the Jura Mountains.



Julia, aged 9, winner of her category: "It was good, not too difficult. I wasn't in the lead at the start, but one of them cracked on the climb because it was harder, and then on the descent I went faster."

Lucas, aged 10, winner of his category: "Too good, I was first almost all the time. The others were way behind me. The course was easy, it was my first time racing, but I'll be back!"

Léolie, 7 and Lésélide, 9: "The race is a bit tough, especially when you have to bend down to get under something. And then you have to go as fast as possible to overtake."

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