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Official results of the Transjurassienne 50 km 2023
La Transju Nordic

The official results of La Transju' 2023 are available

The official results of the cross-country skiing events of La Transjurassienne which took place on February 11 and 12, 2023 are available.

Flower Ceremony Sunday, February 12 Men
La Transju Nordic

Jason Rüesch and Coralie Bentz winners of the Transjurassienne 2023

The Swiss Jason Rüesch and the French Coralie Bentz won Sunday the Transjurassienne, after 50 km traced between Lamoura and Les Rousses

Flower ceremony Transju Classic 50 Women
La Transju Nordic

Double for Thomas Joly, first for Jennifer Lambert

The French Thomas Joly and Jennifer Lambert won the Transju' Marathon Classic 50 km this Saturday, February 11, 2023

La Transju Nordic

Transju 2023 in the starting blocks

The Transju, the biggest cross-country skiing event in France, takes place on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 February between Lamoura and Les Rousses.

Vola partner of the Transju cross-country ski race
La Transju Nordic

Vola's waxing tips for the Transju weekend

You will find here the last recommendations of our partner Vola dated 08/02/2023 concerning the waxing of your skis for the races of La Transjurassienne 2023. 

Important information about the Transju 70 and 50 km
La Transju Nordic


Following the change of course, the races of Sunday morning (La Transjurassienne 70 km and La Transju Marathon Skating 50 km) will be merged and will form a single race: La Transjurassienne 50 km.

Photo by Ben Becker for Transju's Environmental Issues
La Transju Nordic

Conference Debate - The impact of outdoor activities

Come and participate in the conference debate that we are organizing with the Groupe Tétras Jura on the impact of outdoor activities on wildlife and the Grand Tétra.

La Transju Nordic

The Transjurassienne 2023: the route unveiled

You were waiting for it ? Discover the final course of the mythical Transjurassienne!

The Transju youth cross-country ski races for children
Transju Youth

A great success for La Transju Jeunes 2023

Yesterday there were all the ingredients to live magnificent cross-country ski races as we like them with its share of challenges, smiles and emotions

Transju Jeunes 2023 cross-country ski race for children
Transju Youth

More than 1700 children present for the 32nd edition of La Transju Jeunes

On the site of the Rochat College in Les Rousses (Jura), 1,733 children from 7 to 19 years old participated in one of the 20 Nordic skiing events of the 32nd edition of La Transju'Jeunes. Despite cloudy weather, the event took place in a festive atmosphere.

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