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Transju'Cyclo 2023
The Transju'Cyclo

There were 1,200 (super) participants

Thank you for the wonderful moments of surpassing yourself, the smiles and the incredible atmosphere that made the weekend unforgettable for each and every one of us!

The Transju'Cyclo

Thanks to our volunteers

It's thanks to their dedication that we can close the second edition of the Transju'Cyclo!

The Transju'Cyclo

Belgium's Michiel Minneart and France's Flavie Bador win 2nd edition

At 8:30 am on Sunday morning, the first start was given to the 1,100 cyclists who set off on the 165 km, 110 km and 70 km routes.

The Transju'Cyclo

The 2nd Transju'Cyclo in Champagnole gets underway

Excitement mounts in Champagnole for the 1,200 participants in the 2nd edition of La Transju'Cyclo.

Marine Strapazzon
The Transju'Cyclo

Marine Strapazzon, official ambassador of La Transju'Cyclo 2023

We're very proud to announce that Marine Strapazzon will be our official ambassador this year, alongside Clément Berthet!

110-165 km Cyclo Jura
The Transju'Cyclo

The 110-165 km Cyclo is sold out

You'll be 700 cyclists at the start of the longest race of the weekend!

Volunteer Transju' Cyclo 2023 signaller
The Transju'Cyclo

Want to take part in La Transju' Cyclo, without being on a bike? Become a volunteer 🫶

Volunteers are actively sought for La Transju' Cyclo, which will take place on September 16 and 17, 2023, starting from Champagnole and passing through the Jura, Doubs and Swiss Jura. 🚴‍♀️

Transju' Cyclo frame plate
The Transju'Cyclo

Last chance to get a personalized plate ⚠️

To receive a personalized frame plate with your name on it, please register before 11:59 pm tomorrow, Wednesday, September 6. After this deadline, the plates will be sent to production.

Rando Itinérante Cyclo Jura
The Transju'Cyclo

The Transju' Cyclo Rando Itinérante is sold out

There will be 100 of them, covering a distance of 215 or 235 km, on the roads of the Jura, Doubs and Swiss Jura over a weekend, including a night at the Premonval Center.

The Transju' Cyclo cyclosportive in the Jura in September
The Transju'Cyclo

D-60 - La Transju' Cyclo teaser 🎬

With La Transju' Cyclo just two months away, it's time to get in the mood with the official teaser for the second edition of our cyclo.

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