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Transju 2023 in the starting blocks

Transju 2023 cross-country skiing

Eagerly awaited by nearly 4,000 enthusiasts, La Transju', the largest cross-country skiing event in France, will take place on Saturday and Sunday, February 11 and 12, between Lamoura and Les Rousses, in the Jura Mountains, in weather conditions that are expected to be optimal. The battle, mainly between the best French skiers, promises to be intense at the head of a race that everyone wants to add to their palmares.

To remember:

. Nearly 4,000 participants from 24 countries participated in the classic style on Saturday and the skating events on Sunday.
. The Transju' is on the Worldloppet calendar, the reference circuit for long distance events.
. The best French skiers in the spotlight
. Emilien Louvrier and Céline Chopard Lallier at the start to defend their title
. Collection of race numbers and meeting with partners and exhibitors at the international Nordic sports exhibition in Les Rousses

photo of the Transjurassienne 2022 cross-country ski race

For several days, everywhere on the slopes of the Jura massif lit by a bright sun, the last trainings, the last adjustments, in search of the good sensations, those of the glide, the whistling of the skis which spin on the snow. The pleasure also of enjoying unique landscapes. Cross-country skiing enthusiasts have always been at the rendezvous and are ready. Ready to set off on Saturday and Sunday on one of the six events of the 44th edition of La Transju'. If the snow conditions have forced the organizers to modify the routes and the different races between the Combe du Lac in Lamoura and Les Rousses and to reduce the Sunday Transjurassienne from 70 to about 50 km, the party promises to be great for the 4,000 enthusiasts at the start. Whatever their ambitions, whatever their practice (classic races on Saturday, skating races on Sunday), whatever their level, everyone knows that La Transju' will offer them special moments.

Émilien Louvrier in all humility :

At the head of the race, except for last minute registrations, the French will be the favorites in the main races, especially in the Transju' Classique 50 km on Saturday and the Transjurassienne 50 km skating on Sunday, two events on the Worldloppet calendar, the reference circuit for long distance races.

Last year's winner, Emilien Louvrier will be back to defend his title. I'm in the same frame of mind as last year when I was aiming for a top 15, top 10 or even top 5 at best," he says. I'm going to approach the race in all humility. Many factors can come into play, such as the form of the day of course, but also the skis, the sliding, the food etc. This is really a highlight of my short career. My record of achievements is not two pages long either.

A line on the prize list, but above all an immense emotion. The emotion I felt last year was crazy," remembers Émilien. I don't know if I'll ever experience that again. In the races that followed La Transju', people looked at me a little differently. I was "the one who won the Transju". My opponents were also a little more suspicious of me. I couldn't hide anymore. Émilien will once again be particularly watched. "The training was good but we didn't have many long distance races. I haven't skied more than 20 km in competition. Even if the Transjurassienne will be a little less than 50 km this year instead of the usual 70, it's still long. Once again, I will be at the start in all humility. At each edition, we know that 10 or 15 guys can win and that the races are never the same from one year to the next.

A high level stage:

To keep his crown, he will have to face a strong competition. Often placed with for example the third place last year or the second in 2019 in the storm, Gerard Agnellet (Haute-Savoie Nordic Team), has no doubt the ambition to finally see the winner's bell hung around his neck. Winner of the Dolomitenlauf in Austria on January 22 (42 km), and of the Marathon du Forez last Sunday, Simon Perruche (Team Vercors Isère) is in good shape. Winner in 2011 and 2013, Benoit Chauvet is back after two winters in the background. Also watch out for the Swiss Arnaud du Pasquier (Team Nordic Expérience), who is still in the lead.

Among the women, Céline Chopard Lallier (Team Nordic Expérience) will want to keep her title but will probably have to fight with Émilie Bulle (Team Vercors Isère), third last year. Also watch out for Océane Bépoix (Féclaz Formation Longue Distance), winner of the Marathon du Forez and already fifth in 2022.

There will also be great battles on Saturday in the classic races with Thomas Joly (Team Nordic Expérience), the title holder (2nd in 2019), Antoine Auger (Team Nordic Expérience, winner in 2019 and 2021, 2nd last year), Jérémy Royer (Team Nordic Expérience) (4th in 2022) and a few other cross-country skiers who are determined to add the Transju' to their list of achievements

Biathletes, sailors, cyclists and trail runners:

Even though they regularly frequent the cross-country ski trails, biathletes Simon Desthieux (Olympic champion in the mixed relay in Pyeongchang in 2018 and world champion in the men's relay in 2020), Anais Bescond (Olympic champion in the mixed relay in 2018) and Célia Aymonier (bronze medallist with the women's relay at the 2017 World Championships) will leave their rifles at home this time to come and take part in the party. They will not be the only Olympic champions at the start. Gold medalist in mountain biking in 2012, Julie Bresset will indeed be part of the party. Cycling will also be represented by Jérome Coppel, French time trial champion.

The trail will also be well represented. Faithful to the event, Xavier Thévenard, three times winner of the Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc and many other ultra-trails, will also be at the start. The Transju' is part of our Jura culture," he explains. For me, it's almost an intensity session because my trails often last twenty hours longer". Camille Bryuas, who has also won major ultra-trails, will also be on skis, as will Marine Leleu, a specialist in endurance sports.
Also accustomed to even longer efforts, skippers Aurélien Ducroz (at the start of his fifth Transat Jacques Vabre at the end of the year) and Ian Lipinski (double winner of the 2015 and 2017 editions of the Mini Transat, and winner with Adrien Hardy of the 2019 Transat Jacques Vabre in Class40), will also come to glide on the snow of the Jura.

The international Nordic exhibition in Les Rousses :

Open from 9 am to 7 pm on Friday and Saturday, the international Nordic fair, set up at the Omnibus in the Sports Center of Les Rousses, will see all the participants who have come to pick up their race numbers. Latecomers will also be able to register for the weekend's races and share a moment of conviviality with the Transju' partners and all the exhibitors. Also on the program of the Omnibus, Friday at 6:30 pm (free admission), a conference with the association Grand Tétras on the impact of a sporting event on wildlife. This debate reflects the commitment of La Transju' since 2009 in a responsible approach to become a major player in the territory.

Program :

Saturday, February 11 - Departure from Lamoura :

The Transju' Marathon Classic 50 km
The Transju' Classic 25 km
The Transju' Experience Classic 20 km

Sunday, February 12 - Departure from Lamoura:

The Transjurassienne 50 km
The Transju' Marathon Skating 50 km
The Transju' Skating 25 km
The Transju' Skating Experience 20 km

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